Monday, May 13, 2013

Benefits to hiring an event planner!

Have you ever thought about hiring an event planner for a birthday party, anniversary or other events besides a wedding? Maybe you think it will be too expensive, or the event is too small. There are several different options when hiring an event planner for any occasion. (1) You could hire them to help from start to finish and have them handle every last detail from invitations to the thank you cards. (2) You could bring them on to handle any of the details you do not want to do, the logistics, deliveries, contracts with vendors, set up, day of coordination, etc… (3) Maybe you wanted to plan it all but need someone there the day of the event to handle set-up, flow, any emergencies so that you can actually sit back and enjoy the event yourself. Whatever your needs or budget are I can work with that- for more visit 

Benefits of hiring a planner even with a small kids party:

-        Event Planners get discounts with vendors like bakers, florists, rentals, and these can often make the planners fee a wash!
    Putting even a small gathering together is time consuming and stressful for a working parent. You have to come up with a theme, get decorations, food, beverage, create invitations, send invitations, manage the list of who is coming so you know how much to make, setting it up, cleaning your home (if that is where it is) or transporting everything to the event site, keeping the kids entertained throughout the event (parents too). So by the time this 2 hour party for 3 year olds is done you are exhausted, sweating and were lucky if you got one picture with the birthday boy or girl! Hire a planner!!


            Planners can help you save money… YES, we can show you how to allocate your budget properly so you are not wasting money on things that are just not important if you have a tight budget. While Pinterest is great for inspiration it doesn't really tell you how much time and money this is all going to cost you. 

    We save you time… We know where to go for the great stuff and at great prices! You could waste a whole day and a tank of gas running to stores!
-        We can make this event stand out and be memorable! I do events such as baby showers, new parent showers, gender reveal parties, birthday parties (any age), religious ceremonies, sweet 16’s, graduation parties, dinner parties, smaller corporate events and many more!

 For a consult on booking your next event please contact me!

Stephanie Antoinette

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Top Picks for Baby Registry Spring 2013

You may have seen my segment with Sonoran Living Live on ABC- Arizona channel 15. For those of you who missed it you can go to my website and click on the PRESS tab!

There is a constant influx of new mommy & baby products hitting the market and here are my TOP PICKS for Spring 2013!

The Leaf by nuna- 

This sleek new European product could possibly be one of my favorites this season! One of the things that sets this product apart from its competition is how much weight it can hold. The competition can hold up to about 25 pounds- so in some cases you may only get a year or so worth of use out of it. The Leaf on the other hand can hold up to 120 pounds!! This product is designed to grow with the child, so they can sit and watch movies, read, and the money you spend lasts! Another great point to add is how this can help moms with the jealous toddler. If you have just had a new baby, you know that your toddler will want everything the baby has so you don't have to worry about the bigger child breaking this by wanting to sit in the Leaf. Just make sure the baby isn't in it when your toddler plops down :-) This product is available in stores at BabyStop in Scottsdale.

The Petunia Pickle Diaper bag- 

This has always been a favorite of mine, but she has come out with some delicious new patterns and accessories! You can now get matching laptop cases, ipad cases, cell phone covers, make-up bags along with a variety of different size diaper bags. Petunia Pickle is also coming out with a new men's line soon, so dad doesn't have to carry around the pink floral one that you might like! These bags offer changing pads, wipe cases and compartments for all your bottles, keys and more! NO MORE DIGGING!

The LAWN & STEM by boon-

I am huge fan of boon products and the LAWN has been around for awhile! The LAWN bottle drying rack is the perfect choice! It now has the STEM, which can be flowers or trees that hold all the little things like nipples, bottle rings and pacifiers. Their products are easy to clean by running them through the dishwasher and they look great sitting on the counter top! Like boon says... "no mowing required!"

The Puj Tub-

These are fantastic!!! Are you tired of the big plastic tubs that take up so much room, and your little one is slipping all over the place in it. Then you will LOVE this!! It is easy to assemble, fits in most all sinks, stores flat so you can just hang it on the bathroom door, and its non-slip surface wraps perfectly around baby keeping them safe and comfortable. They have a few different color options such as white, kiwi (seen above) and Aqua. It is designed to hold a baby up to 17 pounds (about 6 months of age) at which point you would be transitioning them into the bathtub.

For more information about my services please check out my website at, email me at or call 480-717-2795!

Stephanie Antoinette

Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting the nursery ready!

So you are ready to tackle the nursery and you are not sure where to begin! Let me give you a couple of pointers and ideas to get you started! For more help with this please contact me through my website at or call me at 480-717-2795.

Start with toxic free paints, flooring and furniture! At all costs GO GREEN in these areas since this is an area your baby will spend a lot of time in. Also keep in mind you will want furniture that will last, so cribs that convert into beds, or changing stations that can become a hutch/dresser set, etc. A fabulous place to find quality children's furniture is Babystop, which is local here in Scottsdale!

If your looking for a unique touch, having a mural painted to match your theme is perfect! Dana Railey is a local designer/artist here in the valley and does fantastic work! Check her website out at

Here is some of her work:

So we have covered some of the basics, now here are some ways to add decor! There are so many different themes to choose from, but no matter what the theme you will want to make sure all the elements of the room tie in. Lighting fixtures often get overlooked. Try a little chandelier for a girls room, or maybe even an airplane fixture for a boys room as seen below! The possibilities are endless and these pieces really make a statement! 

Have fun with your fabrics and if you are not finding what you want in a store, do not be afraid to purchase the fabric and have them made! For the windows you will want a material that can control too much sun and heat from coming in the room. If you went with a solid color for your walls this is a great way to get the room to pop! With drapes keep in mind a timeless pattern so you are not changing them out every couple of years! Paisleys, polka dots and stripes are a fun way to do this! 

Get a comfy chair for rocking and reading to your little one, and a book shelf stocked with the classics! A smaller lamp of some sort for soft lighting while you read is something you will want as well! Another thing to keep in mind is the layout of the room, not placing the crib right under a window, making sure the changing station is near the diaper pail and hamper, etc. For more information on this, how to stock your nursery, nursery decor and organization please call or email me for a private consult! 

Stephanie Antoinette 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Push Gifts

Push gifts are becoming more common these days then ever before! This is a gift you give your partner either shortly before or after baby is born or adopted to show your love for bringing this little life into the world! These gifts range in a variety of different prices and types, here are few suggestions to get you started!

Jewelry, you can never go wrong here! Think of sentimental pieces like something with the child's birthstone, an addition to a wedding ring, charms for a necklace, and a right hand ring are all good choices. I personally LOVE the charms and you can go as pricey as Helen Ficalora pieces or even Origami Owl has a beautiful selection! With this brand you can change out the charms & plates that appeal to all moms likes!

A vacation!! This could be a family one or a flight out of town with just the two of you. The most ideal time to do this is awhile after baby is born! I do not suggest doing this as a surprise though, new moms have major anxiety about leaving their children so this will take proper planning! You could do a weekend in the wine country in California, party time in Las Vegas, a fun tropical vacation to Belize or Turks and Caicos... or my dream would be getting swept off my feet to Paris!! If you are bringing the baby or kids you may want to rethink this and do something a little more kid friendly... however even all these places would be an option with family!

Baby Bag, moms have to really give up their favorite purse for a long while after baby comes! A nice bag to tote around can really put a smile on her face! Think fashion and function when making your selection. Petunia Pickle is my top list fav!! These bags come in all different patterns and sizes, it even includes the accessory items like wallets and iphone cases! Babystop in Scottsdale as a huge selection of Petunia Pickle bags, stop in and check them out! Skip Hop is another great brand, and very affordable. This is one that even dad would be okay hauling around! Another really great choice is the Kate Spade collection of diaper bags! Polka Dots, stripes, floral and even a solid sleek black... you cannot go wrong here!

A NEW CAR!!! We all loved to see the look of sheer delight when Bob Barker announced this prize on the Price is Right- can you imagine what your partner would say! Now this is obviously not for the budget conscious, but if you got it then go for it! Make sure you know what tickles her fancy, a Swaggin' Wagon, top of the line SUV, or go green with a Hybrid! Keep in mind she needs space in the car for strollers, car seats and cheerios so a Maserati may need to wait till the kids are older!

No matter what you have to spend, there is something out there! Nothing means more then a token of your appreciation. If you are really at a loss then ask her, or ask a friend of hers.

Happy Shopping!

Stephanie Antoinette

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Humor for Moms!

Sometimes being a mom just about does us in! Between the diaper changing, laundry, feeding, car-pooling, helping with homework and trying to make everyone of our childrens sports or school events... we feel like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest! So grab a glass of wine, some chocolate and read through these for a good laugh! 

"A suburban mother's role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car for ever after."
— Peter De Vries

     Rosanne Barr

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hot Trends For Parties!

The event industry is always coming up with new and exciting ways to make your event stand out. Whether it is a birthday party, baby shower, gender reveal or wedding, here are some new Hot Trends to consider! 

Bling is back!
In my book it never left, but the industry says bling it up! You can incorporate bling on your table linens, hang them from light fixtures and add it to your floral arrangements. Just remember a little bit of bling can go a long way!

Food Trucks!
You cannot go wrong with this at any event! Whether you are having an elegant affair or a backyard party, think about using a Food Truck Caterer for your next event. Even Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought in a Fat Burger truck for her last white party! 

Popcorn Bar!! 
I am sure you have all seen the awesome Candy Bar’s at different events, well now it is the Popcorn Bar! Stock up with all types of flavors; butter, caramel, cheddar, etc! Then offering toppings like M&M’s, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips and more. Use lots of decorative glass containers and you have yourself a beautiful and tasty popcorn bar! 

Cupcake Gumball Machine!
Yes you read that right.. a enormous gumball machine filled with cupcakes! How fun for a kids birthday party or even a wedding. WOW your guests with this one!

These are just some of the latest trends! Call me for a consult on planning your own spectaculor event!
Stephanie Antoinette

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY Party Decor & Favors!

It may not always be in the budget to hire a professional party planner for your events, but that doesn't mean you can still have fabulous decor and party favors! Here are some easy ways to make your event stand out! 
Gifts in Mason Jar!
These are always a hit, they look great and guest will actually use them! Buy a case of mason jars at Walmart for only $10! Get some scrap fabric for the tops, twine to tie the fabric and pick up a package of decorative labels that you can personalize! Pick your favorite cookie recipe and layer the dry ingredients nicely in the jar. I stick a label on the top lid that shows the rest of the preperation, and it can be hidden under the fabric. See my examples below! 
Here is the link to the cookie recipe I used for this: Cowgirl Cookies in a Jar

Another new fun trend are the POMS! You can buy the kits to make them at local Micheals and JoAnne's but it isn't neccessary to spend that kind of money! All you need is a tissue paper, floral wire, scissors, and string or dowel rods (depends if you want to hang them or put them in a vase). 1 regular package of tissue paper will make two small poms or one large one!  
Lay the tissue paper with all layers out flat. Fold it up the long way like an acordian or fan. Once you have done that, cut about 4-5 inches of floral wire (or string as I did in this case) and wrap it around the middle. This secures the tissue so you can begin pulling out the tissue to create the fluffy pom. It should look like this:
Take your scissors and cut the ends by either rounded it, or giving it a point like the image below:
Now you can begin peeling back the tissue. Each end will have 6 layers, pull 3 GENTLY one direction and then pull the other three in the opposite. Do not worry about the "Fluff" right now, you can perfect it at the end. 
Once you have completed both ends you will end up with a piece looking like the one below. Now you can go through and fluff it so it is rounded out nicely!
I did mine with a string for hanging but you can glue a dowle rod in the center part and use them in vases! 
These are just a couple ways to add some flare to your party!